Next Step: Letter of Support

The process of passing or even altering legislation on the federal level is painfully slow–which can be a benefit for consistency of law–but it also makes it hard to stay engaged and encourage others to be engaged in the process (Sigh).

But with tomorrow’s scheduled hearing on The CASE Act, Representative Jeffries’ (a sponsor of the bill) office requested I submit a letter of support and detailed how I believed this law could have a positive impact for artists to protect their work.

So I did!

It’s unfortunate that it can take a personal incident to make us realize how important protections for small artists are. But as this lawsuit has progressed, I have been determined for something good to come of it – and to do everything I can to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Read my Letter to the House Judiciary Committee submitted September 26, 2018.

Elizabeth Putsche is the founder of U.S. Copyright Reform. She is a photographer, crafter, painter, wood worker, designer – but above all: a squeaky wheel.