Hearing Scheduled for September 27, 2018

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing for The CASE Act of 2017 – HR 3945 for next Thursday. The goal: to smoke out the opposition.

This bill is a no-brainer for artists and small businesses – but a handful of big corps have come out against it in the past. Changes were made at their request – like, longer time periods to respond, receiving a letter from the copyright office to notify them of the pending lawsuit, etc. – but it will be interesting to see if they have been satisfied enough to get out of the way.

Amazon and Pinterest are two of the more well-known companies who have “concerns.” We’ll see who else comes out of the woodwork in the coming weeks. One thing is certain – any multi million dollar company, that profits off of individual artists’ work and their respective small businesses, should be wary of squashing our rights to protect our work. They could find themselves the target of a public relations campaign that they can’t recover from.

Elizabeth Putsche is the founder of U.S. Copyright Reform. She is a photographer, crafter, painter, wood worker, designer – but above all: a squeaky wheel.